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JM Enterprises was founded in 1996 in my home state of Iowa as a spin off to the family's distribution business. We originally sold agriculture products and later transitioned to selling janitorial supplies and long handled tools. Manufacturing has undoubtedly been my carrier path. A gap in the market for a snow shovel proved the need for better quality, better materials and all around better manufactured snow removal products. Now we have a 40,000 sq/ft distribution center that is dedicated solely to the manufacturing of the best quality snow removal tools on the market right in our backyard. 'I started my own business following my father’s rake manufacturing operations and placed focus on the development of my core product, THE SNOWPLOW SNOW SHOVELS." - JM - Owner


The #1 feature of The SNOWPLOW SNOW PUSHER is our UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Polyethylene blade sourced here in the USA. The first of it’s kind UHMW blade material is the highest wearing, impact resistant, cold weather adaptable material available. It's high end and highly respected. Others have tried to compete or copy with inferior materials from overseas and will acknowledge our product's superiority. Our sturdy construction is consistent throughout. 

Our yellow fiberglass handle has twice the wall thickness of the industry standard and is reinforced by core inserts making it lite and extra durable. 



We needed a state-of-the-art connector system from our blade to handle. So, after months of testing I developed and patented The TUFFBRACE handle/brace connector system. It was designed and now molded in our Iowa facility (and we continue to enhance it's capabilities). The TUFFBRACE is the market envy, and we proudly mold them in our plant daily.



Over time we have broadened our product line to include a wheel style snow pusher (The SnowGrader) and combo style scoop (The Snow Dominator) to fill a quality void left by others and demanded by our customers. 

Both also produced and manufactured in our warehouse with some materials from trusted partners throughout the United States.


Starting in 2010 the company started in house injection molding operations in our Iowa facility. Since that time, we have added multiple injection molders to keep all our molds the same trusted quality.

We’ve brought on numerous automation and robotic systems to support the increased production needs as well.

This expanded into adding CNC cutting capabilities. We integrated our blade cutting process through the use of 3 axis fixed gantry table routers.

We'd like to offer you our whole manufacturing process, but we need to keep some of our trade secrets well, secrets!



Made in America. Made in the USA. American Made. Product of USA. Manufactured in the USA.

Our answer is yes to all these statements.

All of our materials are Made in the USA, not just labeled or repackaged here.

Every item is sourced and designed by the ingenuity of American workers.

We do not rely on offshore materials. This eliminates overseas issues we can't "plow" ourselves out of right here in the USA. We pride ourselves on quickly and reliably responding to market demand with our trusted state side partners and our own manufacturing capabilities. 

This is a constant learning process with new roadblocks everyday. Being at the front lines to re-route a problem when it arises keeps myself and my customers at ease.” – J Mussman.

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