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Can I buy in bulk? 
Yes! Most of our shovels can be purchased at a discount in bulk 4, 6 or 12. See the right of the images under "Quantity Pricing."
See video for how to get bulk pricing >> 

Do you ship to Canada? 
Not directly. Please shop with our partner in Kitchener, CA >> www.yoursaltconnection.com or ship from the US >>  Northern Tool for CA purchases and shipping >> https://northerntool.com

Can I sharpen or heat my blade? 
No! Your THE SNOWPLOW "THE ORIGINAL SNOW PUSHER" blade will sharpen and continue to self sharpen within the first few hours of intermediate use. You shouldn't manually alter the blade. 

Is my shovel covered by warranty? 
We want you to be happy with our product. We cover any manufacturer defects within the first 60 days of use. Remember to not overtighten bolts, use the included hanger clip to store your item on the wall (don't store in garage rafters). To fill out a warranty claim, see more here >>

Can I bend my blade if it becomes warped? 
In the event your blade becomes warped or is experiencing uneven wear we suggest to take "THE SNOWPLOW" inside and get it warmed up to room temperature. Once it is warmed up you should be able to apply pressure to it (pull on the corners) and it will bend back straight. You will most likely need to overbend it as it will want to correct back to the warped position. It may take several attempts to get it to stay where you want it. You will not break the blade.

Can I add "Wings" to my shovel?
Adding "wings" to achieve the containment plow type effect will put too much snow in front of you. The snow will continue to roll but it will add up too fast and you will need to throw it to the side. The amount of snow that typically spills from the ends is a natural and beneficial reality.

I would not attempt to heat or modify your blade from its natural condition. 

Where's the hardware?
In individual packages the assembly hardware is placed in the handle hold of the black TUFFBRACE that attaches the handle to the blade. 

Are we Made in the USA? 
YES! All of our parts are manufactured, sourced, produced and assembled in the United States or America.

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