Sales Pitch #1

The SnowPlow Snow Pushers are a top quality product built with the commercial users needs in mind. There is always the right tool for the right job. If you are looking to quickly clear large areas from several inces of snow we have the right tool. 

Sidewalks, Steps, WoodDecks, Patios, and Aggregate & Stone surfaces usually create a challange. Not with a lighweight, rust free, non abrasive, indestructable snow pusher.

Our product is built with a formed 1/4" thick UHMW poly blade available in widths upto 48" wide. The typical commercial user will get 2-4 seasons of extreme use out of our blades before they need replaced. A homeowner typically uses an individual shovel for 10 years plus.

All of our parts are assembled with a simple bolt together construction. This allows the user to replace any of the parts if that becomes neccesary or if you decide to replace blades after a few seasons you could choose a larger or smaller size blade to better fit your needs.

Our product has been put to the test. From the largest contractors to the single plow truck our product is built for the abuse of the season.

Don't be afraid to chop with it!

Sales Pitch #2

The #1 feature of The SnowPlow Snow Pusher is our UHMW Polyethylene blade. This material is the highest wearing, impact resistant, cold weather adaptable material available. It is high-end and highly respected. Others have tried to develop and compete with inferior materials and will acknowledge our product's superiority

Our sturdy construction is consistent throughout. All of the materials are Made In The USA, not just labeled or repackaged. Our fiberglass handle has twice the wall thickness of the industry standard and is reinforced with a core insert and topped off with a D style grip.

You can't just have a blade and a handle so the The Tuffbrace handle/brace connector system  was developed and patented . The Tuffbrace is the market envy and we proudly mold them at our shop daily.

The SnowPlow Snow Pusher is easily assembled with standard hardware including locknut fasteners to assure longevity.

The knockdown assembly allows us to ship multiple units of multiple sizes per carton giving the customer ordering flexibility, minimizing freight costs, and maximizing warehouse space.