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Watch below on how to get discounts on quantities over 4 THE SNOWPLOW "THE ORIGINAL SNOW PUSHER" snow shovels.

It's simple. 

1. Choose the shovel you want over 4 of.

2. Look to the right for "discounts."

3. Select the quantity you'd like (the more the larger the discount).

4. Add to cart. 

Are you in the snow industry and go through tons of our shovels. Talk to me about blemished snow pusher blades. We manufacture all of our shovels right here in America and some turn out just a little discolored or small dent or bend. If this may be of interest to you, email e[email protected] for 40% + off these blemished blades. 

*blemished (zebra blades) offer no warranty. They are still made with the best virgin Ultra High Molecular Weight ingredient but did not mold to retail specifications.

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