Typically your "THE SNOWPLOW" snow pusher is stored near the garage door or out on the front step. There is no problem with this during the winter months. During the off season storage is usually on a hanger or in the storage shed.
The biggest mistake is to throw your "THE SNOWPLOW" into the attic. The "room" temperature in the attic will most likely warp your blade, especially on our larger pushers.
It is highly recommended to use our snap-fit wall hanger clips whenever your "THE SNOWPLOW" snow pusher is not in use.
"THE SNOWPLOW" Snow Pusher blade is manufactured using UHMW Polyethylene. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is the highest wearing polymer available. It is formulated from a dust particle resin as opposed to typical pebble resins or shaving particles used in traditional polymers or recycled plastics. This process creates the tight molecular bonding in the material which in return gives unmatched wear and durability.
The blade is shipped with a blunt edge. The blunt edge gives the blade rigidity and the basis for a long wearing, self sharpening future. Your blade will work better after a break-in period but you should not sharpen your blade.
The safety radius corners reduce the direct impacts on surface cracks. The minimal amount of snow which might be left behind in a back drag or step area is a minor set back in comparison to the benefit of avoiding a crack or two. On the top edge of the blade the safety radius eliminates a very sharp and dangerous corner which exists on some aluminum and steel snow shovels.

In the event your blade becomes warped or is experiencing uneven wear we suggest to take "THE SNOWPLOW" inside and get it warmed up to room temperature. Once it is warmed up you should be able to apply pressure to it (pull on the corners) and it will bend back straight. You will most likely need to overbend it as it will want to correct back to the warped position. It may take several attempts to get it to stay where you want it. You will not break the blade.
Replacement parts are available but are rarely sold or needed.